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TitleEarly Registration
AbstractIf you're in town Friday night, why not pick up your tickets and merch early, and avoid the queues on Saturday morning. Besides, think how bad ass you'll feel being the guy turning up in his K4 hoodie while all the other chumps queue in their Justin Beiber tshirts.
LocationFri 26 1700 @ Foyer
Duration60 mins

TitleRegistration Business
AbstractCollect your ticket, merchandise and other con-goodies from the Registration desk on the Foyer. The rego desk will remain open for the duration of the con, and can help you with your many enquiries.
LocationSat 27 0800 @ Foyer
Duration60 mins

TitleMetlstorm Welcomes the Combined Badasses
AbstractKiwicon 4, Ladies and Gentlemen, with your host with the most (beard) Metlstorm!
LocationSat 27 0900 @ RHLT1
Duration15 mins

TitleEvent Intro
AbstractAn introduction to the evening's festivities.
LocationSat 27 1815 @ RHLT1
Duration15 mins

TitleClosing Ceremony
AbstractYay, Kiwicon's over for another year. Finally.
LocationSun 28 1715 @ RHLT1
Duration15 mins