Kill -9 $$

Dec. 4, 2010 1:06 p.m.
Connection closed by remote host. 

Well, that's it folks. Kiwicon 4, pwned, privesced, rm -rf /'ed. We're done. Thanks everyone for coming; hope you all had a damn good con. The Crue, surprisingly, had it pretty smooth - almost like we've done this before - now we can relax, knowing that the hackers of Australasia will have something new to wear for 2011. Yay clean shirts!

If speakers provide us with their slides, we'll link 'em up. There'll be some Tokemon 2 stats when Metl can bring himself to log into a unix box again, but in the mean time, he sent us this:

We think this means he's relaxing.

Chur everybody, happy Kiwicon 4.